UNTD Alumni Association

About the Alumni Association

The mission of the UNT Dallas Alumni Association is simple:

To engage alumni and friends to keep them connected with UNT Dallas for life.

The alumni association is an inclusive organization, meaning that anyone who has ever been a student at UNT Dallas, is welcome to participate. Whether you completed your degree at UNT Dallas, attended UNT Dallas but have a degree UNT Denton, or if you only took classes here but did not graduate – anyone who has ever previously attended UNT Dallas is a member of our alumni family. Additionally, we also encourage the involvement of non-alumni friends of the university as well.

Originally a regional branch of the University of North Texas flagship campus in Denton, UNT Dallas is now an independently accredited, degree-granting public university. Similarly, our alumni relations efforts were also overseen by the alumni association in Denton. Now, the UNT Dallas Alumni Association has been established as an operational unit of the UNT Dallas Foundation, created specifically to address the unique needs of our alumni base. Our responsibility includes both our main campus on University Hills Boulevard and our College of Law downtown.

As a young university with an even younger outreach effort, we are working to build several communication publications, events, programs and initiatives to keep you informed and involved with your alma mater. With that in mind, please help us to keep you up-to-date by sending us your contact information anytime you change mailing addresses, email, and phone numbers. Also, please let us know about the major new developments in your life. We want to keep up with the great things happening in your life.